Watch our latest panel discussion with Basecamp Hotels and Wellsboro Hotel Company for insights into driving loyalty with impactful guest experiences.'


    Beyond Recovery: Drive Loyalty with Impactful Guest Experiences

    Customer loyalty is evolving – It’s no longer about collecting enough points to earn a free night’s stay. Today, loyalty means guest recognition and personalization – loyal guests want to feel special. Leading hoteliers are using guest data and integrated technology to build tailored experiences.

    – How to better connect with guests along the entire customer journey
    – The importance of a loyal customer base for both properties and brands
    – What customer service means in this new normal
    – Sharing guest data securely and serving it up at the right time

    Shawn Bryant, CEO, Wellsboro Hotel Company
    Amanda Gardner, Director of Revenue, Basecamp Hotels
    Allegra Medina, Director of Product, SHR

    Jason Freed, Editor, Hotel Recovery

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